The city of Southampton, my home city, is one of unsung heroes of industry, design and engineering. This is the beginning of a project documenting Southampton's incredibly rich and varied industrial heritage. It is my attempt to record how the hard work and innovation of its workers has helped to define Southampton, and made the city an integral component of the nation's manufacturing base. 2013

As the project has now progressed it's scope has widened and I feel it just as important to document and showcase the designers, engineers and workspaces across the south coast. 2015

'A' Building, looking down to the inspection area, at the Ford Factory in Eastleigh.

One of the production operators at Ford.

Looking up at one of the container ships being towed into Southampton water.

A generator at Fawley Power Station, which is in the process of being disassembled.

One of the main warehouses at Eastleigh Works, which is now over one hundred years old.

Mimi, one of the young apprentices at the Griffon Hoverworks factory, based in Woolston.

Fawley Power Station at night.

An old biscuit tin full of split pins on the workshop floor, Eastleigh Works.

Darren Matthews, onboard one of the Svitzer tugs at Southampton docks.

The vast interior of the Fawley Power Station, which after being in service for more than 40 years is now being decommissioned.

Rajwinder Singh, production operator, Ford Factory.

Door frames being assembled, ready to be moved onto the next line, Ford Factory.

Matt Eldridge fabricator and welder works for his fathers company L.E. Fabrications at Eastleigh Works.

Matt Eldridge welding in the workshop.

The main body of a Transit van is welded in place by a team of robotic arms, Ford Factory.

Southampton docks, early morning.

Mark Higgins, production operator at Ford.

One of the grinders in the main shed of Eastleigh Works.

The view of Southampton docks from the water.

The main shed at the Works.

The inside of Fawley Power Station.

The inspection line at Ford.

Up close to a container ship as it's being manoeuvred into position.

John Hallett, first worked at Eastleigh Works in 1974. He joined the navy in 1980 only to return to the Works in 2000.

One of the workspaces in A building, where front structures of the Transit are welded, Ford Factory.

Looking down into the hold of the ship as fertiliser is being unloaded, Solent Stevedores.

Gary Stockley, stevedore/dockside operative, Solent Stevedores. Stood in the hold of a bulk cargo ship in Southampton docks.

Orange-peel crane grab resting on the west side of the King George V dock, Southampton docks.